Nick and Jillian's first dance at their wedding.

We bought our house together in 2015 which was so FREAKIN’ AMAZING! This beautiful home happened to be the large family house that Jillian grew up in. At the time, she lived in it with her mom and sister. Not really conscious of what that all meant, Nick moved his things in seamlessly and the physical and mental chaos slowly started making itself present.

This home was everything a married couple could dream about. It was in a safe neighborhood, had multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, a spacious backyard, a huge garage, and a lovely master bedroom. But, it also came with A SHIT TON OF STUFF.

When most couples start living together, they begin with a blank slate or an empty canvas so to speak. But, we were definitely not starting from scratch. We were inheriting an already FILLED TO THE BRIM home. 


Again, we were SO GRATEFUL to be able to own a home, but it still didn’t negate the feelings of stress and anxiety the house was bringing us both as individuals and as a couple. We never realized that owning SO MUCH STUFF could make us feel so overwhelmed. 

Shouldn’t we be happy with having ALL THE THINGS?

Slightly desperate to find a solution to help lessen the physical and emotional burden we were experiencing, we discovered a different way of living. This way of living seemed to be “just the right recipe” we needed to help us SIMPLIFY THE CHAOS in our lives.

Nick on the pier in Baltimore at sunset

This way of living has many names, such as minimalism and intentional living, but we referred to it as SIMPLE LIVING. The name of this lifestyle is really of little importance, it’s the benefits we’ve experienced that are the TRUE TREASURE


Over the last three years we committed ourselves to SIMPLE LIVING as a way to identify what brings value to us, to strip away the excess and to lessen the overall chaos that seemed to be overtaking our lives. 


This was an ongoing process that was constantly being refined, reevaluated and readjusted, because as we all know, LIFE IS UNPREDICTABLE and always changing. 

Jillian with her dog, Jameson

Our simple living journey was really put into OVERDRIVE when we finally decided we were ready to grow our family. After one year of attempted baby-making we had ZERO SUCCESS. Like so many other discouraged couples, we sought out the help of professionals and started the infertility treatment journey. 

We thought the whole process of making a baby would be easy and quite romantic, just like the rom-com movies portray it to be. But the universe had other plans for us, because that was NOT OUR STORY.

During our infertility journey, Jillian endured a lot of stress, and much of her free time was decided for her. Her free time was replaced with frequent doctor visits, tons of blood tests, a surprise fibroid tumor surgery, weeks of post-surgical healing, as well as those lovely baby-making injections that Nick gave Jillian EVERY NIGHT at 6 p.m.

The long and stressful struggle of getting pregnant made us both look at our lives with fresh eyes and to pivot even more with how we were SIMPLIFYING our life. 


Yes, the physical stuff had been simplified, but the mental, social and emotional aspects of our lives was more CHAOTIC than ever. Our days were FAST-PACED AND BUSY AS HELL, which made us feel unenthusiastic about our life. This is when we made the decision to live with even MORE INTENTION AND PURPOSE.


We started to make little changes everyday. We began paying close attention to how we were spending our time, the stuff we put in our bodies, the people we surround ourselves with and the types of activities we said "yes" to.

We began paying close attention to how we were spending our time, the stuff we put in our bodies, the people we surround ourselves with and the types of activities we said "yes" to.

To put it simply, we started questioning everything we did with our time and energy.


We've taken many action steps over the last couple of years to feel happier and healthier, and we have to say that we’re living HAPPY AS HELL because of them.


By the way, we were finally successful with conceiving our first baby after two and a half years of infertility treatments. WHOOP WHOOP!


Our daughter Lucille is the reason for this podcast you are currently listening to today, or I hope you’d consider checking out. She is the reason we strive everyday to live with purpose, intention, and to not waste any of our precious time and energy doing things that get in the way of what makes us truly happy.

The Koscielniaks

Simplifying the chaos in our lives has allowed us to live the life we’ve always dreamed about, but never thought was possible. We are healthier, happier, more patient and kind parents, living debt-free, traveling more, and experiencing all the things that lights our souls on fire. Bottom line, WE ARE LIVING LIFE THE WAY WE WANT!


Our mission with this podcast is to share our stories with you, the good ones, the embarrassing ones, and the hard as hell ones that have led us to living a happier and more intentional life. We aren’t doing this alone friends, so we make sure to share the support and resources that have helped us take actionable steps so that you too can experience all the happiness you so freakin’ deserve.

So, raise a glass, a coffee mug, a cocktail...



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