Ep. 141 Creating a Life You Love with Kate Saffle

The first step toward anything great is just BELIEVING it’s possible.

In this episode, Jill has an epic conversation with the amazing Kate Saffle. Kate is a Life and Business Coach for Moms and an inspirational beacon! She helps moms feel happier and create lives that they freaking love. She teaches how to live intentionally by your values, change your mindset, become a confident decision-maker, and create powerful growth in your life and business. In 2020, Kate grew her business to 6 figures, retired her husband, and hit the road full-time in an RV as a family of 5 (with a corgi pup)...in under 6 months.

Listen in to hear Kate’s amazing journey on how she’s creating a life she loves!

Enjoy your walk, commute or however you consume podcasts and thanks for hanging out with us!


"To fly as fast as your thoughts, you must know you’ve already arrived." ~ Richard Bach


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Create awareness by starting your day with a brain-dump. Get all of the funk and fear out of your head and write it down. Then ask yourself, “Is all of this really true?” and “Do I want to live my day according to this?”


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